Moving- Still on Track

With a little less then 2 weeks to go things are getting a bit nuts. Especially since it’s a long distance move. Approximately 195 miles from where we currently live. I have been taking some pics of all the boxes we have packed. After we get up and running on the computer I will be doing a few posts with the various pictures from beginning to end.

Special thanks to Amy ( LadyPinkRose )and ( jpcox ) Everett for suggesting that I take pics since this is such a huge move for us. They both have wonderful blogs and I subscribe to both.

One thought we had is since IB Designs, USA is going to have it’s own room where we will make the flags is to hang a signal flag valance on one of the windows. The picture below is one that I put together spelling ” Oshkosh, WI ” in signal flags. Our valance signal flags have a wide casing and a standard curtain rod (3/4 in or less) slip easily through it. We are still on schedule to reopen our website to orders the end of May or early June. Thanks for your patience!

signal flag valance,nautical,decor,navy
The next post will be from Wisconsin :)

Moving to Oshkosh, WI in April

After a lot of searching we found a home to rent in Oshkosh, WI. We are so looking forward to moving there. After years of apartment living this will be great. We will be moving the middle of April so we are busy packing away. We love the fact that we are about 3 miles outside of the city in a very small rural subdivision. Country living but close to the city and shopping.

Lake Winnebago is huge and there will be fishing in our future! Here is a link for more info on the lake and fishing. Also a couple of pics.

lake winnebago,fishing,oshkosh, wi

lake winnebago,fishing,oshkosh,sunset

Also Oshkosh is known for there huge Air Show. Below is a video of last year’s highlights. Enjoy

May post in April if I have time!

Nautical Signal Flag Ideas for the Home

Since we have been in business since 2006 we have accumulated a lot of pictures. The other day I was going through them. Some I had forgotten about since it has been close to 10 yrs. I thought I would feature a few of them in this blog post.

Although there is lots of snow on the ground now we took this picture at a park and then put the gazebo in with the signal flags. This horizontal banner below spells FLAGS.
nautical,signal flags,gazebo,spring

The next picture spells SEASIDE in Signal flags.
seaside banner,signal flags,sea
The next picture is a picture we put together with our horizontal, vertical and also our valance banners. The names are near the banner.
signal flags,names,banners,nautical

The next picture is a collage that we put together of our flags.
signal flags,collage,banners,nautical
Lastly due to our out of state move the last day we will be accepting new orders is 02/23/15. Stay tuned to our blog for up to date info on when we will be accepting new orders. Tentatively we hope to open early June!

IB Designs, USA

Red Lobster ~ Signal Flags & Moving Update

Happy January! The holidays sure went by fast. I am always looking for creative ways that people use signal flags. Red Lobster has created a nautical feel at many of their restaurants. The picture below shows nautical decor including signal flags and seaside-inspired artwork that line the walls of the dining areas. The signal flags in this picture from left to right spell, “FRESH.”

red lobster,nautical decor,signal flags,seaTo see more of Red Lobster’s pictures in the Bar Harbor location you can click this link

We are still packing away and have more of a time table now. Our website will remain open tentatively till the end of February. Our plan is to move to WI by May 1st or the end of April. We will be making trips up to WI to look for a rental house and also last minute packing. By closing the website to orders then we can concentrate on the move. If you were thinking of ordering it would be best in the next 6 weeks. We hope to open our website by June if everything goes well. I plan on keeping this blog updated as we go along!



  IB Designs, USA

It’s a Nautical Christmas ~ 2014

With Thanksgiving barely behind us we are rushing towards the Christmas season. I love Christmas decorations and wanted to share some of my favorites in this post. Since we are busy packing we won’t be decorating as much this year. The first picture is my tree a couple of years ago with the added signal flags spelling out Merry Christmas.
christmas tree,holiday,signal flags,nautical

I just love this boat ‘The Gambler’ decorated with the lights and star!
christmas tree,holiday,signal flags,nautical

Another one that I found on Pinterest.
christmas tree,holiday,signal flags,nautical

Next this was posted on the Navy site and released to share. It was taken a few years ago.
christmas tree,holiday,signal flags,nautical

Lastly a Big Thank you to all our followers and customers. I treasure the friendships I have made through the blog and our website.

Wishing you a safe and Happy Christmas!
christmas tree,holiday,signal flags,nautical

IB Designs, USA

Giving Thanks~Thanksgiving Coloring Page~Holidays

Can’t believe that November has rolled in already. All the holidays are coming up but for the two of us it’s more about the time together. We are thankful everyday and not just the one time of year. We have a lot to be thankful this year. We are so glad that we will be able to move next Spring and also thankful for the vacation we were able to take this year. We are at the stage where we are starting to pack things and also get rid of things that we haven’t used in a long time. We are so looking forward to this!

Below is a ship that I thought would be great for kids to color.
thanksgiving ship,coloring

I made it as a PDF file and if you print it in black and white then you can color in the rest. The link is below.
E__Christmas pics_j-thanksgivingship

One thing that we love about the holidays is the food. We tend to like to get Prime Rib for Thanksgiving. Since we don’t have it often it feels like a real treat. Here is a example of one.
prime rib,holiday,thanksgiving dinner

I love this picture of a old-fashioned Thanksgiving in days of old.

Lastly I wish all my followers and friends a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day and don’t eat too much :)
happy thanksgiving,autumn leaves