Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ~ 2015

We wanted to take a minute to wish all our friends and followers a Merry Christmas and a wish for a healthy and successful new year. This sure has been a busy and exciting year for us. We celebrated our 10th Anniversary in February, even though it was among a lot of boxes. Seriously: a LOT of boxes! At the beginning of the year, we were packing away towards our April move. Then the move itself was huge, being out-of-state after 25 years in one place.

We wanted to learn a whole new area, and most importantly, to finding all the fishing spots. We love to BBQ, but it was a lot more difficult in Batavia, in the apartment. This year was all about the grilling! We made up for lost time, going all out on the hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and Ribs! Oh, and chicken, of course. Oh wait — and the Korean bulgogi, Chinese char siu, and of course, Mexican fajitas.

We needed new drapes, and couldn’t find them. The windows are weird, being around a half a mile wide, and they’re not patio doors. So we needed something around 72 inches. We could find 63 or 84 inches, but at last, J.C. Penney’s came through for us, with 72-inch long drapes.

And let’s not forget the lawnmower we needed, going from an apartment to a half-acre lawn, and the snow blower for the Wisconsin winters. (“Yer gonna want one of them 6 horse blowers, ya know, not one of them little ones. Ya know.”) Then there was registering the vehicles, getting unpacked, buying some other furniture, getting rid of stuff we didn’t need; the list goes on and on.

Because of all this, we decided to start a new tradition: a memory tree at Christmas time. We’d hoped to find some little ornaments that would remind us of things we did, but couldn’t find them. I guess they don’t celebrate Christmas in China, so they don’t make as many unusual ornaments. Solution? We would make our own. As we go along, each ornament will remind us of what we did in a particular year.

Below is our Christmas tree, and a couple of the ornaments. Next post, I’ll show how we did it; it’s pretty easy, and a lot of fun. Not to mention, a lot less expensive than commercial ornaments. Click to enlarge any picture.

christmas tree,holiday,new year,ornamnets

Next is a picture I took at the Outlet Mall in Oshkosh with their holiday decorations

christmas tree, ornaments,holiday,shopping
Here is one of our memory ornaments showing our 10th anniversary.

christmas tree, ornaments,holiday
We found this little house ornament that we love!

christmas tree, ornaments,holiday

Lastly we visited the Oshkosh Celebrations of Lights. It was wonderful!

christmas. lights,holidays
Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Kathy and Craig


Ahoy~ Decorating a Nautical Nursery with Personalized Name~Signal Flags

Nautical Nurseries are popular whether you are by the water or not. There are so many choices you can choose from and thought that I would post a few ideas here. The first picture is from our website on Vertical Examples and spells out WOL which is initials. Our vertical banners come ready to hang. All our flags are made by us and made out of high quality cotton.Spell your name, initials or any word with the secret message of signal flags. Horizontal, Vertical or Valances!

signal flag banner,name,nautical,decorating

I love this sailboat mobile and would add such a nice touch to any nautical nursery.

signal flag banner,name,nautical,decorating,baby

Lastly we made this banner and the customer was so thrilled with it that they sent us a picture they took. The signal flag banner spells GRACEN.
signal flag banner,name,nautical,decorating,baby
For more decorating ideas IB Designs, USA has a Pinterest page and there are lots of ideas on my nautical baby and toddler room board

Popular Baby Names ~ 2014 ~ Signal Flags

Usually every January I do a post on the most popular baby names for the year. This year I noticed that a lot of old fashioned names are popular. I put together a picture of some of the names to show how they look spelled out in our signal flags. They are shown with our Horizontal which is the rope. Also as a Valance with a curtain rod and lastly Vertical with our ladder that we make. They add a personal touch to any nursery with your child’s name. Hope you enjoy it.

popular names,baby,nautical,signal flags,banners

If you click on the monkey knot on the sidebar it will take you directly to our translator where you can type in your name to see what it looks like.

All flags are made out of a high quality cotton and made by us.

IB Designs, USA

My Nautical Dream Home

I love the style of Nautical Decor and have so many pictures of what I would love in the future. I have created a board on Pinterest called Dream Home. If I were ever fortunate to find a home with a lot of these features I would absolutely love it. To go from my current apartment to some these homes would be wonderful. These are just a few that I chose.

Ocean Point cottage, Maine. Love this porch and the view.

Big Sailboat on Wall and nice high ceilings


Contemporary living room by Marcelo Brito Design

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Beach Cottage Life and a Wonderful View

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Nautical Navy Living Room

Our Signal Flag Valance Banner spells HOME in this boy’s room

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Hope you had fun dreaming with me. Next weeks post will highlight Nautical Decor for the home.
IB Designs, USA

Various Nautical Signal Flag Banners

I was going through some of our folders and looking at the various signal flag banners that we have made over the years. In the last 6 1/2 years we sure have made a lot. I thought I would post just a few that I really liked. We certainly enjoy making them. Anything you can spell, we can make!

The first picture is a collage that we put together.

signal flag banners welcome home happy birthday party

The 2nd picture shows WELCOME HOME hung on a fence

welcome home signal flags nautical

Lastly if you have a gazebo in your backyard or are planning a wedding you can hang a signal flag banner on it.

This generic one spells FLAGS.

gazebo signal flags wedding backyard

Names are also quite popular and you can check out our website for more ideas. All flags are made out of a high quality Kona Cotton.

IB Designs, USA

Merry Christmas-2011-Signal Flags-IB Designs, USA

Hard to believe that we are only 12 days from Christmas. We have been really busy making lots of flags. I really love our business and glad that so many others do to. We sure have great customers! This is our 6th year in business and I have been blogging now for a little over 3 years. Thought I would share some ‘Christmas’ pictures that we have put together. Banner below spells Christmas!

christmas banner signal flags nautical holiday

Below spells Christmas also!

christmas ornament ib designs usa

christmas presents nautical signal flags

Wishing our customers and friends a Merry Christmas!

IB Designs, USA

Baby Nurseries-Nautical or Sailing Theme Ideas

September is one of the busiest months in the hospital in the Maternity ward. As you welcome your little one into the world a nautical theme can be beautiful. Calming with the ocean, sailboats and lighthouses. If your nursery is almost done and you are looking for a way to tie it all together signal flags make a nice addition.
The picture below spell RILEY in a Signal Flag Banner.

Baby Nursery Riley Signal Flags

Pottery Barn Kids has a speedboat bed with drawers that is really popular as far as furniture or to give you other nautical idea to decorate.

If you are artistic or know someone that is, a mural such as the one below would look great in a baby or toddler room. The valance spells CRAIG in signal flags.

Signal Flag Valance Personalized Name

Personalize the banner or valance with your Child’s name or give as a gift for the Mother- to- be.

For more info check out our website at IB Designs, USA