What size are your signal flags?

Our signal flags are 8″ x 8″ with a casing of 1″ for horizontal banners.
For vertical and valances the casing is 1 5/16″. The letter A and also the B to the point are 9″.

What are the flags made of?

We machine-stitch our flags from high-quality Kona cotton fabric. The fabric has the texture of a fine dress shirt and we love the vibrant colors. There is a white lining on the back of each flag.

Care Instructions

Because we chose to high quality cotton fabric there is some wrinkling after washing and about 1% shrinkage. So although they could be washed in cold water with Woolite we highly recommend that you dry clean our flags.  A few of our flags do use “Steam-a-Seam” (TM), so do not use a fabric softener dryer sheet if you do decide to wash and dry them on low.

Each flag is $15.00

Info on Vertical Banners

Because of our invoicing system, we list the ladders as a separate line item. Just be sure to order 1 ladder for each overall vertical banner. It doesn’t matter how many rungs, each ladder is still only $9.00. We’ll build as many rungs as necessary to fit your message.

You let us know the letters you want, and we’ll make the flags, build a ladder, and hang the flags. It’s all set to hang, right out of the package. We include a 1-inch brass ring at the top, but you can remove it or use something else if you’d like. It’s all put together using ordinary knots.

What types of banners do you sell?

We sell horizontal, vertical, and valances that are used for window treatments.  Also our BZ Award banner. Check out our website for pictures and more details.


Depending on particular flags, our current estimated shipping time is approximately: 2-3 weeks.
Our estimated ship time is an average. Some orders will ship earlier, depending on their flags. If you would like a closer approximation of the time it will take to make and ship your order, email us with the particular letters you’d like. Otherwise, we’ll send you an email confirmation of your order, with a closer estimation. For orders containing more than 12 flags, please email us for approximate ship times.

We take seriously our commitment to quality service and flags, and that includes keeping our promises to ship within this production time-frame. Periodically, we close our site to new orders when we reach our capacity to fulfill existing orders. If you bookmark our website and come back to see that we’re temporarily not taking orders, we’ll also provide a new ordering date.


All sales are final. We do not accept returns for any reason other than flags containing a material flaw or due to damage during shipment.  In the event of a damaged flag or flags, we will arrange to replace the flag(s) on a per-incident basis.

Can I order Multiple Banners?

Yes, you can. For orders over 12 flags please email us so we can let you know estimated shipping time.

We have had a lot requests for multiple BZ Award banners. Since we make the flags and also the ladders for each if you are ordering more than 3  BZ banners please allow extra time. If you need them by a certain time feel free to email us and we can give you a more accurate time frame for shipping.

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. We include the Colored Bravo Zulu Crest sheet with every BZ order,now. Currently is shows it in black and white on this BZ Page. At some point in the future we hope to have a download for one. Thanks for your interest

  2. At the bottom of our BZ page there is a link to download a print-quality TIF version of our BZ crest.

    The link offers you an archived (ZIP) file containing one Tagged Image File (TIF) format graphic. It’s the above crest at 250dpi resolution, in 5×7″ size. You are free to use the BZ crest for personal use, not for commercial re-sale. Print it in color and frame it, or you can process the downloaded file with a word processor or something like PowerPoint to create your own award certificate. Enjoy!

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