A New Arrival to the IB Designs, USA Family

Bravo Zulu Award Print, Nautical, signal flags

t’s been a while in the making, but we’re excited to introduce the newest member to our family:

BRAVO-ZULU (BZ) Presentation-Quality Color Print

We previously offered a fabric flag vertical banner with the letter B (Bravo) and Z (Zulu). These two flags are a sort of “well done” acknowledgement in the maritime services. Then we realized how much time it took to make the flags, while at the same time some of our customers wanted to order quantities. We did a lot of ponderatin’, thinkinating, contemplatin’, cogitatin’, bamboozlizin’ and meditating.

Then we came up with a photo-realistic, 3D image of the two flags and saw we could do some really cool things with it! Our next problem was how to get it from our imagination into the real world, onto the Web site and available for purchase. At last, we figured it all out.

The new Bravo Zulu is:
An 8×10″ quality color print on 32-lb laser paper,
Ready to frame in whatever frame or matting you’d like (frames are not included),
Carries a much lower price than our fabric ladder flags.

Additionally, each BZ print comes with its own custom-designed gift card and envelope, featuring a crest we designed with a gold banner proclaiming “BRAVO ZULU.” The card opens to a simple message stating, “BRAVO ZULU, Well Done!”

bz signal flag,nautical.navy

Craig designed this and the quality is excellent. This is just the beginning, and we intend to introduce other high-quality 3D paper signal flags in various sizes and banners in the future. We’re thinking of 1-click-to-buy banners that spell out various events like: “Happy Birthday,” “Just Married,” “Congratulations,” “Welcome Home,” and so forth.

The paper-letter signal flags will be DYI, where you order the flags and cut them out to string together. I’ll have more about them as we get closer to finishing them. The BZ award is an example of what we also can offer as “portrait” flags, all suitable for framing. The individual letters we’re thinking would be wall size, about 8×10 and then smaller versions. For example, we hope to produce “stick flags,” about 4×5″ that you cut out and fold to wrap around a typical skewer. The result could be part of a floral arrangement or hung on string instead as a decoration.

Several years ago, we saw a post from Martha Stewart that went on about putting small signal flags on toothpicks for cakes. Oddly enough, she had no connection to where anyone could buy some of these! So we decided we should be the ones making them! Those could even go on Christmas trees as a sort of garland. Fun, right? But of course!

We’re also able to do things with paper that we simply can’t do with fabric. We’re thinking of “repeater” flags, and things like pirate flags for birthday parties with a nautical theme. Another problem has been number pennants, which we do make in fabric but they’re cumbersome. With numbers in “stick flag” size, we could offer things like “Happy New Year 20-##” at a much more affordable price.

It’s an exciting time, but Holy Cow!…there’s a lot involved! At the moment, we’re redesigning the Web site, so keep an eye out for Breaking News!

Check out our BZ page to see the images and to order.

bravo zulu,signal flag, nautical, award print


IB Designs, USA Newsletter ~ January

I have been blogging for the last 6 1/2 years here on WordPress. I normally talk about signal flags and lots of nautical things on a weekly basis. Since this is a new year I have decided to change the format a little bit.

This is the 1st ever newsletter. Each month I will talk about what is new with IB Designs,USA and also what has been going on in general each month. Hoping to make it more personalized.

What’s New

After a busy Christmas season January was a little bit slower but steady. That was good though since it gave us time to re-group since we handcraft each flag. We sew each flag as we get orders. With it just being the 2 of us working it sure can get crazy at times. Also this month the estimated shipping time is back to approximately 2 weeks. When we get flooded with orders we have to push out the shipping time.

Projects I did this Month

Since I bought a Bosch Compact Mixer exactly a year ago I have been baking a lot of bread and really enjoy doing this. It is so relaxing and the taste is so much better then you would get out of the store. Not to mention that the heavenly smell while it’s baking. Each month I am going to share one of the recipes that I have used. Below is a picture of a couple of baguettes that I made. You can find the recipe and video here

 baguettes,bread,bosch mixer

Life in IL

This month has been one of the coldest in history. Lots of snow, ice and below 0 temps this month. Looking forward to Spring and fishing.

Since this newsletter is a work in progress would love to hear back on anything that should be included that you would like to hear about!

Great Sewing Tip from Pfaff

On Facebook I follow a page called Pfaff-USA since I use the Pfaff GrandQuilter. They had a great sewing tip that I had to try. We use both invisible and also fine thread when making our nautical signal flags. They both tend to try to wind off the bobbin when not in the case. Since we sew a lot I tend to like to fill the bobbins ahead of time. Their tip was to use toe separators and slide the bobbin in them with the extra bobbins you have so that they don’t unravel. I went to the dollar store and found the set below and took some pics.

This is the pedicure set that I found:
sewing,bobbins,foot,spa set

The next picture shows the bobbins with one partially in. Since they are made out of foam they stretch and hold the thread in nicely. You can see the empty one since 2 come with the set.

pfaff,sewing,bobbins,invisible thread
Lastly this is a close-up.

toe separators,pedicure,thread
I am sure you could fine these at any store that carries pedicure items like some grocery stores, department stores or possibly pharmacies.

For the sewers and quilters out there hope it helps!

IB Designs, USA

Signal Flag Video of our Flags

I was looking on You Tube at a few of the signal flag videos they have on there. I discovered a video that I made a couple of years ago. It show close-up of some of our signal flags and thought I would share it today.



Currently we are really busy and our shipping time is 2-3 weeks due to the fact that we make each flag individually for each order. They are hand-crafted by us and the name of our company  IB Designs, USA. The positive is that since they are made in the USA they are durable and should last for a long time. We use Kona Cotton which is high-quality material.

You can machine wash our flags with cold water and tumble dry low. Since some of our flags use a little bit of steam-a-seam it is recommended not to use a dryer sheet in the dryer. Anything you can spell we can make! Signal flag Banners- Horizontal, Vertical and Valance


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5th Year Anniversary Blogging

ib designs usa 5 th anniversary blogging

That old expression that times fly when your having fun is so true. I realized the other day that I have been blogging weekly now for 5 years. I am really enjoying it and plan to blog for a long time. Here is a link to my first post which I wrote in 10-06-07. I made a promise to myself that I would try to post weekly and have held to that.

I started this blog as a extension to our website which we started in 2005. It was just a little one page flyer. If people wanted to order they would email us with what they wanted spelled out in signal flags. It certainly has grown over the last 7 years with several pages now and also our product line. Plus a custom shopping cart where we except Google Checkout.

Some of the stats for my blog I have stated below.

Number of Posts- 262

All time Views- 106,200

Total people who follow this blog- 48

Busiest day of views- 2,321 on Sept 11th, 2012

We now tend to get between 100-200 views each day. Not a lot by some standards but love the fact that it is growing.

Big thanks to those that read my blog!

IB Designs, USA

Nautical New Year- 2012

With Christmas past and the New Year on the horizon it’s a great time to reflect on the past year. 2011 has been a unbelievable year for us growth wise. I think it’s been one of our busiest. Last Spring we were  busy making wedding banners for nautical weddings and receptions. Through the summer we were busy making quite a few flags and banners and also the BZ Award banners for some companies. Fall was the start of the Christmas season as far as orders since allowing extra time for making and shipping our flags.

A Big Thank you to our Wonderful customers!

The picture below spell “Happy New Year” in Signal flags.
happy new year signal flags nautical

We are looking forward to 2012 and think that it will be a good year.

Although we don’t sell a lot of pennants (mainly since they can’t be outside for extended periods) I thought I would put this picture together to show what 2012 would look like.
new year 2012 signal flag pennants

Our wishes for you is to have a Safe and Happy New Year!

IB Designs, USA

Flag Making Capacity for Small Business

sewing signal flags

We just put the following on our website and wanted to use this post to expand more on it.
We presently are at our full flag-making capacity, and are closed to new orders until: Monday, July 11, 2011.

You can return to our website after 5:00 am CDT on that date to place an order. Until then, we’ve disabled the “Order” option. Thank you for your patience.

We have been in business for close to 6 years and with the 2 of us making flags we can make 35-40 flags a week. Normally we can ship within 10 days with no problem.

The last few months we have been flooded with orders both big and small.  Since we make each flag based on orders and not mass-produced we are going to take this time to get all orders done and shipped out. Hence that is why we are not taking new orders until July 11,2001.

To all our current customers and future ones our website is still available to browse and read about signal flags.  Also you can visit the translator page and see what words look like spelled out in signal flags.

Thanks for your patience and we will be caught up soon and ready to take your order!