Moving to Oshkosh, WI in April

After a lot of searching we found a home to rent in Oshkosh, WI. We are so looking forward to moving there. After years of apartment living this will be great. We will be moving the middle of April so we are busy packing away. We love the fact that we are about 3 miles outside of the city in a very small rural subdivision. Country living but close to the city and shopping.

Lake Winnebago is huge and there will be fishing in our future! Here is a link for more info on the lake and fishing. Also a couple of pics.

lake winnebago,fishing,oshkosh, wi

lake winnebago,fishing,oshkosh,sunset

Also Oshkosh is known for there huge Air Show. Below is a video of last year’s highlights. Enjoy

May post in April if I have time!


Our WI Vacation ~ More Pictures to Share

My last post showed just some of the pictures that I had taken. I wanted to share more of them with you. Although this trip was a vacation we were also looking around a few areas as we are going to move next Spring to WI. More about that as we go 🙂 Click on picture to see them full size!
The first picture was taken in the evening and loved the cloud formation as seen below:

lake water cloud formation wi

Next is a boat that was taking off. There is a boat house behind the tree on the left and they took off from there.

water boat lake wi

Next 2 pictures show the deck that I was taking pictures from

water boat lake wi cottage deck

water boat lake wi cottage deck

Next 2 pictures show some of the flower garden that they have made and foliage.

water boat lake wi cottage deck flowers

water boat lake wi cottage deck flowers

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Planning a Nautical or Coastal Wedding Ideas

We have been in business now a little over 7 years and have done a lot of wedding banners. From east coast to west coast nautical wedding are very popular. I thought that I would show some of the banners we have made as a idea if you are planning a nautical, coastal or military wedding. Since we can spell anything you want in signal flags you can personalize it to show off your individual style. They are made out of Kona cotton and will last as a keepsake for years. They also can be hung on boats or yachts for during the ceremony. They are not designed for long term use on boats with the sun and salt water being hard on cotton.

The first picture spells in signal flags- KERRY- HEART- BRIAN.

wedding banner,signal flags,coastal In the above picture you see the Heart flag.

Whenever you order one of these flags, since they don’t have a “letter” designation, do the following:

   Include each heart flag as 1 additional flag
Use the “Special Instructions” on the order form
Let us know where the heart should go, in which banner (if you’re ordering more than one).
Tell us which color heart you want on which background flag(s)

heart flags,love,signal flagsThe next banner spell out CHERISH

beach banner,gazebo,signal flags, namesLastly although these were a birthday gift a couple of years ago they would look great on tables at a wedding reception. My boyfriend ordered these with the color scheme in mind of signal flags!

wedding, birthday flowers,arrangements,nauticalIf you are looking for additional ideas I have 2 boards on Pinterest that are about Nautical Weddings

Nautical Weddings

Nautical Weddings- Part 2

IB Designs, USA

Nautical Wedding and Receptions- 2013

I have done various posts over the last 6 years on nautical weddings and receptions. Nautical is a popular theme for weddings. We have sold many banners over the years for couples that want to decorate with a nautical theme. If you are having a beach or outdoor wedding you could hang a signal flag banner that spell out both your first names or the last name. Also if you are getting married on a boat or yacht our signal flags could hang for decoration. The banner below is hung on a gazebo and spells ERIN AND VIN.

signal flag wedding banner

The next banner spells KERRY ♥ BRIAN

Although Hearts are not traditionally part of the signal flag family they do add a nice touch.  If you have lots or room to hang it could be 1 long banner or as shown below made into 3 banners as shown below.

name signal flags,wedding banner

Lastly a gazebo showcases both our Vertical and Horizontal Banners

Top Horizontal Banner spells; ALWAYS

Left Vertical Banner spells: HAVE

Right Vertical Banner spells: HOLD

nautical wedding banners

We can spell anything that you want and custom make a banner for your special day. A keepsake for years to come. Visit our website for more ideas.

IB Designs, USA

Eastport Yacht Club Parade of Lights 2010 Christmas Boat Parade & Navy Ship

Each year I do a blog post with a different location that has a boat parade of lights in December. They really deck out the boats and have wonderful Christmas music. Eastport Yacht Club has a video of one they did a couple of years ago that I thought you might enjoy. This year they will be hosting it Sat Dec 08 from 6:00PM – 08:00PM. They are located in Annapolis, MD


111220-N-WP746-004 JOINT BASE PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM (Dec. 20, 2011) The guided-missile frigate USS Crommelin (FFG 37) is decorated with Christmas lights at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Mark Logico/Released)

USS Crommelin,Navy ship,christmas lights

IB Designs, USA

My Nautical Boat Collection

Even though I don’t live near the ocean I have always loved boats. I started collecting small boats about 4 years ago and wanted to share my small collection here. I have picked them up at various thrift stores along the way. My apartment definitely has a nautical theme to it. Here they are in no particular order.

I crocheted the blue and white doily to represent the ocean with the brass boat in the center. Far right is my wooden boat!


This picture below is a few more. Love the ship in the bottle.

boats, glass bootle,nautical

The picture below is a close-up

wooden boat, nautical

Next is a Metal Boat that looks like Brass that I have hanging on the wall.

brass metal boat wall hanging

Lastly is another close-up of one of my boats

wood boat shelf

I plan on growing this collection as I go along. Although I got a late start collecting would like to make up for lost time. What is your favorite thing to collect?

Newport Beach CA Christmas Boat Parade

newport beach ca signal flag banner

Each year after Thanksgiving I like to pick one boat parade of Christmas lights. This year I chose Newport Beach in CA. The picture above spells out Newport in Signal Flags. They have quite a show and it is a annual event. In fact this year is there 103rd show. It will be going from December 14-18, 2011. There will be over a million viewers. Each evening from 6:30pm-9:00pm the boats will start off of Bay Island make the 14 mile loop.This years theme is “Feelin’ Christmas-Sea in Newport Beach!” For more iinformation about the show

This is only a few minutes but the You Tube video below shows some boats from last year’s show.

Newport Beach CA Christmas Boat Parade 2010

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