Almost a Year and Scenic Drive

It’s hard to believe that next month will be a year since we moved to WI. This year has sure flown by. Last Spring and Summer was a blur as we were still unpacking. This summer is going to be a lot easier. Although we have gotten use to navigating around Ohskosh and Appleton some we have been too busy to wander much further until recently. A few days ago with temps near 70 we decided to go for a drive. Sure glad that we did.

There is a tiny little town about 10 min from us called Waukau, WI. They have a fishing pond and creek there. The first picture is of the Dam that is right next to the pond as seen below. It was really rushing that day.
water dam,creek,fushing
The next picture is off the pond itself.
water dam,creek,fishing

We then drove about 10 minutes more and arrived in Berlin, WI, They had a beautiful quarry there and I too some pictures of that.
water dam,quarry,fishing

water dam,quarry,fishingwater dam,quarry,fishing

We plan to explore as we fish this Spring and Summer. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

16 thoughts on “Almost a Year and Scenic Drive

  1. Glad that you like them, Amy! Actually what is surprising is how varied this state is. We are out in the country and surrounded in the summer with cornfields, soybeans and wheat. But then you drive like we did just 25 min due west and all kinds of rock. That quarry is private so when I saw it I asked Craig to pull over and snuck over there to take the pics. Didn’t see any sign about private at all……LOL

  2. Nice photos Kathy! I think you and Craig are going to have a GREAT summer of exploring new fishing spots. Wow it’s hard to believe it’s almost a year since you moved there! It’s mind boggling how fast time is going! Big hugs ❤️

  3. maryrussel

    Gorgeous photos. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year already since you moved here. If you get a chance this summer, check out the Devil’s Lake area for some breathtaking views.

  4. Thank you Mary! Time flies by so fast. I visited Devils Lake on a family vacation when I was a teenager. I remember it being beautiful. Would be nice to go back.

  5. maryrussel

    I haven’t been there since the late 80s. My knees won;t let me do all that hiking and climbing anymore.

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