Fall Pictures in WI- 2015

As promised in my previous post I was able to get some pictures of Oshkosh around our area. The first picture is my favorite. It was taken at Menominee Park. We were sitting on the dock fishing and this is what we were seeing. On all picture you can click to enlarge!


This picture was taken through our living room window looking out towards the East.

The next picture would be our view of across the street facing North.
Lastly this picture is a tree that is in our yard. You can see the mesh of the screen a little bit but you get the idea.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Not bright colors but pretty good.


13 thoughts on “Fall Pictures in WI- 2015

  1. These are beautiful photos Kathy. It’s nice to see what you see when you look out your window. I love the first photo too, looks so calming. Thanks for sharing. ❤️

  2. Wonderful pictures. Now I know why you like living there so much. Sitting in your living room with that view is a dream come true! Have you been to the property across the lake?

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am seeing lots of GOLD here too, Kath! And now bright and I mean bright orange. The colors are going down fast but I am managing on catching them with my camera!!! Great post!! ❤

  4. Thank you Amy. That means a lot to me since you are such a great photographer. The gold and yellow are really bright especially in that one picture. Thanks for visiting!! HUGS ❤

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