Moving to Oshkosh, WI in April

After a lot of searching we found a home to rent in Oshkosh, WI. We are so looking forward to moving there. After years of apartment living this will be great. We will be moving the middle of April so we are busy packing away. We love the fact that we are about 3 miles outside of the city in a very small rural subdivision. Country living but close to the city and shopping.

Lake Winnebago is huge and there will be fishing in our future! Here is a link for more info on the lake and fishing. Also a couple of pics.

lake winnebago,fishing,oshkosh, wi

lake winnebago,fishing,oshkosh,sunset

Also Oshkosh is known for there huge Air Show. Below is a video of last year’s highlights. Enjoy

May post in April if I have time!


8 thoughts on “Moving to Oshkosh, WI in April

  1. Don’t hand me that – “If I have time” business, young lady. You take pictures from the time you pack, your traveling and arrival and progress in settling!! You’ll be surprised how much you forget when get to be my age and you’ll want these. Later (when you have time), you can show us how your designer mind created your new home, step-by-step.

  2. I’m right there with gpcox! Kathy, you must document this life altering event, especially so because it is your dream that is really coming true! YOU inspire me to do the very same, although to be truthful I don’t know where I really want to live. Someplace where there is water that I know, just like you. I am SO excited for you. PLEASE take pics so later you can show them here. I for one would really want to see them!!! OH! I am just so excited for you! (((HUGS))) Amy

  3. Congrats to you dear Kathy!! So happy for you!! Enjoy!! Oshkosh is beautiful area! We are only about 2 hrs. away from Oshkosh! And we have some relatives & friends in Oshkosh! I’m originally from Appleton so we go there alot which is very close! Wishing you a safe & happy move!! Kathy xo

  4. Thanks, Kathy and glad to hear that you are only a couple of hours away. Yes, it sure looks beautiful and plan once we get settled to visit Appleton! xoxo

  5. Thank you, Amy so much. Appreciate your support. Yes, will take lots of pics to document it/ We knew we wanted to live in WI but it took us awhile to figure out where. When everything came together for us we knew it was a Universe moment and that this is where we should be/ {{{HUGS}}}

  6. You have me smiling, Everett. Thanks for the Young Lady Will take lots of pics. We hired a moving company for the furniture and we are renting a small moving van for a few small things.

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