Red Lobster ~ Signal Flags & Moving Update

Happy January! The holidays sure went by fast. I am always looking for creative ways that people use signal flags. Red Lobster has created a nautical feel at many of their restaurants. The picture below shows nautical decor including signal flags and seaside-inspired artwork that line the walls of the dining areas. The signal flags in this picture from left to right spell, “FRESH.”

red lobster,nautical decor,signal flags,seaTo see more of Red Lobster’s pictures in the Bar Harbor location you can click this link

We are still packing away and have more of a time table now. Our website will remain open tentatively till the end of February. Our plan is to move to WI by May 1st or the end of April. We will be making trips up to WI to look for a rental house and also last minute packing. By closing the website to orders then we can concentrate on the move. If you were thinking of ordering it would be best in the next 6 weeks. We hope to open our website by June if everything goes well. I plan on keeping this blog updated as we go along!



  IB Designs, USA


7 thoughts on “Red Lobster ~ Signal Flags & Moving Update

  1. Red Lobster did a pretty great job in honoring the Navy at that site, eh?! Psst – tell Craig to make sure he lifts with his legs and it might be a good idea to take a box down – I don’t think he can see where he’s going…. 😉

  2. Yes, they did, Everett. Heard that they were eventually going to do all there locations like that. I had fun with the moving boxes and putting the names on. Will tell him..LOL. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. The Red Lobster looks great; I love the bold, bright colors in the signal flags. I love the pic of the moving boxes…very clever. Now that the New Year has begun, I can imagine you are getting more and more excited about your move. It’s going to be a GREAT year for you both. HUGS ♥

  4. I do too, Elfie and glad that you like the bold colors! Yes, getting excited about the move and packing away. It’s amazing how much closets Agree that it’s going to be a Great Year for us. HUGS and wishing you a Great Year also my friend ♥

  5. Thanks,Amy! It is hard work but that is why we started early. We have a few months and taking it slow and steady! Thanks for the love and sending love back ♥ xoxo

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