Halloween Yard Decorations and Holiday Ordering

With Halloween being in just a few weeks I thought I would show some Halloween yard decorations. I had fun with this post and love the skeleton at the ships wheel below. This was on Pinterest and shows the Pirate yard!

halloween,yard decorations,nautical,pirate

This Halloween video has some fun music and nice yard decorations.

Lastly with Christmas being a little over 2 months away thought I would add that if you wish to order and have it arrive before Christmas please order before December 1st, 2014. This is a tentative date because if we get really busy we would have to change that date. If you have any questions you can always find out on our website Order Page the current time-frame to ensure delivery before Christmas. Personalized signal flags make great gifts!


14 thoughts on “Halloween Yard Decorations and Holiday Ordering

  1. GROANING …. Did you SAY the C word? Kathy, you didn’t! I was just thinking the other day, that between Oct-Dec there are 3 major holidays, then Easter in March/April, then NOTHING until the following October. Whoever came up with the notion of putting 3 major Holidays back to back and then having nothing until the following October has some screws loose. Anyways …. I adore that first image of the skeleton. Too cool. (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. Yep, I did say that C word and guilty as charged šŸ™‚ I agree that having 3 major holidays so close is nuts. If we ruled the world we would space them out better..LOL. Glad you liked the skeleton. HUGS BACK ā™„ Amy

  3. Hmmmm…..IF women ruled the world …. let’s see ….. Halloween is fun but no candy for the kids only good snacks. Thanksgiving …. throw that one out because every day is Thanksgiving, not just one day. And Christmas, throw that one out because it is too stressful and the meaning, the true meaning has been lost. Like Thanksgiving, every day should be a Christmas for the “real” meaning. So just Halloween. And then we can come up with fun Holidays on a monthly basis just to bring family and friends together to share a supper with. Hmmmm …. IF women ruled the world … Love, Amy

  4. Sounds perfect to me. I agree that Thanksgiving is everyday. Also agree that Christmas has become too commercialized and has lost it’s true meaning. Long story but no family but friends getting together once a month might be okay. Love xoxo Kathy

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