Our WI Vacation ~ More Pictures to Share

My last post showed just some of the pictures that I had taken. I wanted to share more of them with you. Although this trip was a vacation we were also looking around a few areas as we are going to move next Spring to WI. More about that as we go πŸ™‚ Click on picture to see them full size!
The first picture was taken in the evening and loved the cloud formation as seen below:

lake water cloud formation wi

Next is a boat that was taking off. There is a boat house behind the tree on the left and they took off from there.

water boat lake wi

Next 2 pictures show the deck that I was taking pictures from

water boat lake wi cottage deck

water boat lake wi cottage deck

Next 2 pictures show some of the flower garden that they have made and foliage.

water boat lake wi cottage deck flowers

water boat lake wi cottage deck flowers

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


20 thoughts on “Our WI Vacation ~ More Pictures to Share

  1. Kathie, the picture of the boat makes that lake look HUGE and then that cloud formation made my mouth drop wide open. Thank you SO much for showing us more of your vacation. (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. Amy, it was a huge lake and couldn’t get over it. From that landing that boat was only about maybe 20 ft from me but the lake dwarfed it. Also glad that you liked the cloud formation. They would come and go and had to be quick about taking the pics. You made my day and so glad that you enjoyed them, also. HUGS Kathy β™₯

  3. I came here again to drink deeply of this most beautiful place. Let’s dream together, Kathy, that some day and soon, we both will be living near water in a beautiful and warm place with so many bright and gorgeous flowers. Dreams do come true, this I do know. In these photos, I can just picture you there, just in your glory, SO happy and carefree. You got a taste of your dream, my friend, and with that taste build on it. Make that feeling your foundation, and keep feeling as if this dream, this place where you WILL live, you are already. Carry that torch and that glow, and just BE that dream, every day of your life NOW. Know it, feel it, and BE Grateful that you have this in your Life. I have a post coming up about “wanting”. I have had deep thoughts about this … and this was what I was told. When we “want” it is telling the Universe, God, The All, that we are lacking. When we “want” something we don’t have that something, therefore, when we want we are asking for lack. When we carry gratefulness in our Hearts knowing that this shall come to pass, it will. I was also shown NOT to say “I want” or “I yearn” but simply say, “I ask for ______ and I NOW thank YOU for giving this to me.” I just HAD to say all this to you NOW, because I understand the letdown of after vacation time. And then the yearning begins, the longing begins. And we ask all wrong. Simply directly asking what it is we are asking for, then saying thank you ….. wow!!! With me, I really don’t know exactly where I would ask to live, I don’t know that right now. Yet I do know I require ocean, I require warmth, I require beautiful flowers, I require people of like mind. So I take all that, and ask for that. And then say thank you. In the meantime, I keep my eyes and ears open for clues as to where and when. I could also begin to do research, or read the paper for perhaps some lightbulb oh wow clues.

    Gee whiz. I have to go to bed. But before I do that, I wish to say, GOOD NIGHT, my friend, sending you LOTS OF LOVE. (((HUGS))) Amy PS I hope I made sense. I really feel tired now.

  4. Wow, Amy you so understand and have such a gift. We put out to the universe about 8 yrs ago that we wanted to own a home in WI near water. Each year we have come closer to that dream and in wonder some times how it’s all unfolding. Next Spring (May 1) we are going to WI. We are going to rent a house for a year as we get use to the area and then buy a house. This trip was part vacation but also looking over a lot of areas and narrowing down the area we want to live in. So there is not the normal letdown as much since we know we are moving. The area we chose is about a hour away from where we took our vacation.

    I understand about you needing the ocean, warmth and like minded people. It will sure be adventure and appreciate your thoughts. Sleep well my dear friend and sending LOTS OF LOVE back to you.

  5. I did sleep well, Kathy, thank you! I have to work on that post regarding the “want concept” because the concept I understand in my Heart, yet to explain it concisely and clearly, that I must still do. YOU understood even though I stumbled a bit with my words, because YOU get it. My Intention is to reach those who don’t “get” this concept, so that they become more aware of how powerful words are. This has been an ongoing discussion between myself and my Higher Self, my Heart. There are also those instances when I “feel” what I would like, not really putting it into words, and then go on with my life. Then one day, I come to realization that what I had “felt” is now a fact in my life. Doubt is the biggest detractor, for it is doubt that undoes the “walk in faith” philosophy.

    My one year anniversary is coming up, Kathy, and I am really going to focus on writing a post expressing my utmost gratitude to ALL that come to Petals. I looked back at my earlier work, and I was shocked to see that it really wasn’t all that good, and then how far I have grown in just one year, made my mouth drop even more. I have SO much to be grateful for. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! Love, Amy

  6. Glad that you slept well, Amy. I agree that it is hard to put into words at times and struggle with that also. I “get it” but it took a long time to get to that point. I have seen the same thing where I feel what I would like and then realized that it has happened. Understand about doubt and struggle with that at times.

    Congratulations early on your one year anniversary! When I get time will have to look at your first posts but bet that in the short time of following you have seen remarkable photography. Wishing you a Wonderful weekend also Amy!!!! xoxo

  7. I did enjoy your pictures – such nice flow – I like how you moved from the sky to the deck to the ground – and the flowers were my fav – but all good. πŸ™‚

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