Going on Vacation in August!

It’s been quite awhile since we have taken a vacation (almost 8 yrs). We have been busy making flags and somehow time just got away from us. We are really looking forward to a well deserved break. We will be gone the last week of August to visit in WI. We rented a cabin near Lake Kegonsa. The Indian name means- Lake of Many Fish. To learn more of the history of the lake you can click this linkWe plan to do some fishing and relaxing. Here is a couple of pictures of the lake.


jpg-lakekegonsalake kegosa,water,vacation


I plan on taking lots of pics when we go up there and will be posting some of them in September on here.

Due to us being gone we will be accepting new orders until on or around 8/5/14. After 8/5 we will be accepting orders again on or around Sept 1st. Although we are only going to be gone the last week in August this enables us to get our current orders out before we leave since our current ship time is 3 weeks.

We will be posting info when it gets closer on both our Home page and also our How to Order

This sign says it all.



44 thoughts on “Going on Vacation in August!

  1. Oh, Kathy, have a glorious vacation. Lucky you!! I am never able to take one on account of all the special needs cats I care for. I wish!!! And I wish I could stow away in your suitcase!! But in all seriousness, you have worked hard. Now it is time to play hard! YES??? Love, Amy

  2. We will and your welcome to stow away in the suitcase:) So looking forward to this. There is more to this vacation then meets the eye but can’t say anything yet….sigh. Thanks for the Love, Amy ♥

  3. I am sooooooo happy for you Kathy; you really do deserve a wonderful vacation. The lake looks awesome and I sure hope it lives up to it’s name and you catch lots of fish. I look forward to seeing your photos. Big hugs ❤

  4. Have a great time, Kathy…renew your batteries! I have never been to Wisconsin, but my father’s family lived there several generations ago.I now of many people who vacation there.I am sure it is beautiful.

  5. Thank you, Tonette. Yes, bringing the charger along. Been to Wisconsin growing up on vacations but it’s been awhile. It is beautiful from what I remember.

  6. When you get back, I’ve been thinking about a computer area in the style of being on a 18th or 19th century ship – any ideas?

  7. No, your take on the idea of a computer area (desk, lamps, file, etc.) as though it were on one of those ships. Your design of nautical nature, interesting? or a stupid idea? (Be honest – I’m thick-skinned).

  8. Yes, very interesting. I can picture the Captain’s quarters in my mind. Will think on it some more. Thanks for the great suggestion. Your a good friend!

  9. I’ll be looking out for it, Kath. Every time I see you here at Petals I immediately go over to your place. It’s become a pattern, a way for me to get to you. And others too. Yes, I do the reader … but just once a day, twice the most. I really do try to get to the blogs of people who support me. Love, Amy

  10. Thanks, Any and appreciate it. I use to post weekly the past 6 years but have slowed it down this year. October will be 7 years and think I was getting a little burned out plus busy with lots of orders. I do the reader once or twice a day, also.

  11. Kathy, know what I go through and I haven’t been on here at WP for a year yet. I can only imagine how burned out you got. (((HUGS))) Amy

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