Ideas for Planning a Nautical Wedding ~ 2014

If you are planning on having a nautical wedding there are so many great ideas out there. You can personalize your wedding in so many ways. Two of my favorite boards on Pinterest are Nautical Weddings where I have pinned lots of pictures. That board grew so much that I ended up creating a second board to share more of my favorite pictures and ideas. Nautical Weddings Part 2. Both have a little bit of everything such as wedding favors, cakes, gowns, reception ideas, tuxes or suits, yachts and sailboats….etc. The first 2 pictures below are from Nautical Weddings. Below each picture is the link to the original site.

tie the knot,wedding,nautical,receptionTie the knot

tie the knot,wedding,nautical,reception,wedding flowers

Wedding Bouquet

The next 2 pictures are from the Nautical Wedding Part 2 Board.

 tie the knot,wedding,nautical,reception,wedding flowersSeashell Menu

 tie the knot,wedding,nautical,reception,wedding flowersBeach Decor Table theme

Lastly is a picture of part of a banner that we made. Signal flags can spell out anything that you want. They could be hung at the reception or for a outdoor ceremony. Some people choose the first name of the bride and groom. Others elect to spell out the last name. They add a nautical touch to any wedding or reception. Below gives you idea of the size of our flags. They are 8 in x 8 in plus a 1 inch casing for our horizontal banners.

From left to right you have a partial O, C, I, E and a partial T

signal flags,banners, tie the knot,wedding,nautical,reception,wedding flowers

 IB Designs, USA


4 thoughts on “Ideas for Planning a Nautical Wedding ~ 2014

  1. What great wedding ideas for an avid boater! I don’t have a boat, but have always loved the nautical look ever since childhood. Love the photos. Well done my friend. 🙂

  2. Hi – I am so glad I found your blog. Not sure how or what led me here – but it is very cool – and this nautical wedding post is just one of the tasty things you have here. I look forward to flowing – and hopefully I can look around more later (as time permits) to read more of the past posts.

    Peace – and have a good week. 🙂

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