Nautical Christmas & Holiday Craft Fun for the Children- DIY

We have on our website a signal flag coloring book as a PDF file for quite some time. Although we are all busy this time of year this is something that children can do sitting at the table while you are busy making holiday cookies and dishes. After they are done coloring it they would make a nice decoration for the holiday season. I decided to do it myself so that you can see how it works. I am spelling the word MERRY.

This link takes you to our Products Page and at the bottom you will see the following image.
signal flags.nautical,craft,christmas

You will see a link to download the ZIP file directly. That way you can save it for future projects. Once you have saved it to a folder that you will remember, open and scroll down to the letter that you want. When you hit Print make sure that you pick CURRENT PAGE. There is 2 flag images for each page. Below is a picture of the Letter M and also the letter N. Based on what you are spelling you can always either hold on to the spare letter or not.

signal flags,coloring book,nautical

Next is the letter M close up showing colored and not.
This is best with a color printer because the little square on the upper left would be in color telling you what color the flag is.Unfortunately we only have a black and white printer.

signal flag M,nautical

signal flag M,nautical,paper flag

Once all the letters are colored in it’s time to cut them out including the tabs that look like rope. If your child is young it would be best for you to cut them out after they have colored the flag. Once they are cut out lay each tab over the other and scotch tape them together. Here is a complete banner that I put together.

signal flag.merry banner,paper

This picture shows them on the fridge and a magnet on each end. They could be hung anywhere around the house including maybe a Christmas tree if the name wasn’t too long.

paper banner.signal flags.merry

Lastly is a picture of our signal flag alphabet that shows all the colors of the various letters.

signal flag alphabet,ib designs usa,nautical

IB Designs, USA

All images property of IB Designs, USA


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