Nautical Decor Craft Ideas DIY- Holiday & Winter

This time of year as we enter into Winter and the Holiday Season it’s a good time to come up with some craft ideas to decorate your home. Most of these are inexpensive and can add a nautical touch to any home. Check out her blog for more details. Nautical Decor Ideas DIY

nautical decor,diy

DIY nautical inspired Canvases – made with scrapbook paper, paint and Mod Podge.

The signal flag on the left technically isn’t a flag. The letter B is that shape but all red.

signal flags,nautical decor,anchors

Lastly check out my Pinterest Page- Craft Ideas for More!

IB Designs, USA to order a Signal Flag Banner


10 thoughts on “Nautical Decor Craft Ideas DIY- Holiday & Winter

  1. Great,Kathy! My grandson has moved the room he uses here and taken his piratey-sea themed things with him…into a room his dad left decorated Desert Southwest! My brother-in-law stayed in the room two weeks ago and said it took a while for him to get his bearings as to where he was.I said,”Depending on which side of the bed you were facing, either the sea or the desert”…and we are not in either one!
    We’ll be checking you out on Pintrest!

  2. Glad that you like it, Tonette! It’s great that your grandson likes sea themed things but could see that it would be funny depending which way you wake up whether you were in the desert or on the sea 🙂 Will check you out also on Pinterst!

  3. I started early with Pintrest and enjoy when I have the time. Never did create a Twitter account mainly because of time. I totally understand and you can only do so much.

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