Great Sewing Tip from Pfaff

On Facebook I follow a page called Pfaff-USA since I use the Pfaff GrandQuilter. They had a great sewing tip that I had to try. We use both invisible and also fine thread when making our nautical signal flags. They both tend to try to wind off the bobbin when not in the case. Since we sew a lot I tend to like to fill the bobbins ahead of time. Their tip was to use toe separators and slide the bobbin in them with the extra bobbins you have so that they don’t unravel. I went to the dollar store and found the set below and took some pics.

This is the pedicure set that I found:
sewing,bobbins,foot,spa set

The next picture shows the bobbins with one partially in. Since they are made out of foam they stretch and hold the thread in nicely. You can see the empty one since 2 come with the set.

pfaff,sewing,bobbins,invisible thread
Lastly this is a close-up.

toe separators,pedicure,thread
I am sure you could fine these at any store that carries pedicure items like some grocery stores, department stores or possibly pharmacies.

For the sewers and quilters out there hope it helps!

IB Designs, USA


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