Different Fabrics used to Make Flags

I thought I would talk about the different material that are used in making flags and banners. We use Kona Cotton for our flags. It’s a great fabric with a very high thread count  and since our flags are designed for indoor use it work well for us. Although our flags could be hung outside for special occasions like birthday parties, wedding reception or any nautical theme party they are not designed for long term outdoor use. Mainly because the quality cotton that we use fades in the sun or salt water deteriorates them if left outside long term. If you are decorating and want the flags to match what is currently in your home this should help. Below is a picture that I took of the various colors that we use. Based on your monitor setting might look slightly different.

kona cotton, fabric,material,flags banners

Another popular fabric is a special nylon called Dupont’s SolarMax. DuPont’s SolarMax™ technology was developed solely for the needs of the flag industry.  This special fabric is very durable and attractive.  It will stand up to bright sunlight and strong ultraviolet radiation

Although a densely woven material, SolarMax retains nylon’s traditionally superior ability to fly in very light winds.

DuPont’s Newest Nylon Flag Material Out Performs Other Nylons:

Best Resistance to Damaging Ultraviolet Radiation

Dense 200 Denier Nylon Weave

Longest Lasting Nylon Flag Material Available

Flies in the Lightest Breeze

Provides the Brightest Colors for a Great Appearance

Here is a pic showing what it looks like.
nylon,solarmax, kona cotton, fabric,material,flags banners

Lastly is a checkerboard racing flag that is made out of nylon.

kona cotton, fabric,material,flags banners

If you are interested in learning more about several other fabrics this link has a lot of good information and commonly asked questions.

IB Designs, USA


6 thoughts on “Different Fabrics used to Make Flags

  1. Elfie

    I love the bright colors of the fabrics and how they stand up so well in sunlight. 🙂 Thank you for the info Kathy. ♥

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