What does your Name look like in Signal Flags?

Most of our orders are for names, either first or last. After we make the flags it is always interesting to see how the banner looks even after close to 8 years of making them. Since we make Horizontal, Vertical and Valance it is always different. Below is a pic showing some names that are popular for 2012/2013.

names,signal flags,nautical,coastal decor,banner

Although we don’t have our own translator Marine Waypoints has kindly let us use there’s. Simply click on the link on our Translator Page to see what your name looks like in Signal Flags. Please note:

The flags you’ll see are oriented vertically. Their casing is to the left, with the flag “hanging” to the right.

Our flags are designed to hang horizontally, with the casing and rope at the top as seen in the picture above. They’re exactly the same patterns, just rotated 90-degrees clockwise. (Tilt your head to the left and you’ll see.)

To see two or more words in a row, use a hyphen ( – ) between each word.

IB Designs, USA


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