Back to School and Fun Video

This summer has sure gone by fast. When I am out and about I see lots of people shopping for school supplies. That means that school will be starting soon and we are moving closer to Fall. I put this picture together just for fun. The signal flags spell “School”

school,signal flags,pencils,teaching

Also once in awhile I like to put a video together with our pictures. Enjoy, since this time of year is so hectic trying to get supplies, schedules and everything together.

IB Designs, USA


2 thoughts on “Back to School and Fun Video

  1. Elfie Morgan

    Love the school sign and definitely timely now that back to school is starting up at various stages. Our children go back the day after Labor Day. I totally love the video! Well done Kathy!

  2. Thanks Elfie for your thoughtful comment and glad that you liked the video. I usually do a couple of video’s a year just for the fun of it. Seeing lots of people shopping here for school supplies. In our town they go back on the 20th so next week.

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