Planning a Nautical or Coastal Wedding Ideas

We have been in business now a little over 7 years and have done a lot of wedding banners. From east coast to west coast nautical wedding are very popular. I thought that I would show some of the banners we have made as a idea if you are planning a nautical, coastal or military wedding. Since we can spell anything you want in signal flags you can personalize it to show off your individual style. They are made out of Kona cotton and will last as a keepsake for years. They also can be hung on boats or yachts for during the ceremony. They are not designed for long term use on boats with the sun and salt water being hard on cotton.

The first picture spells in signal flags- KERRY- HEART- BRIAN.

wedding banner,signal flags,coastal In the above picture you see the Heart flag.

Whenever you order one of these flags, since they don’t have a “letter” designation, do the following:

   Include each heart flag as 1 additional flag
Use the “Special Instructions” on the order form
Let us know where the heart should go, in which banner (if you’re ordering more than one).
Tell us which color heart you want on which background flag(s)

heart flags,love,signal flagsThe next banner spell out CHERISH

beach banner,gazebo,signal flags, namesLastly although these were a birthday gift a couple of years ago they would look great on tables at a wedding reception. My boyfriend ordered these with the color scheme in mind of signal flags!

wedding, birthday flowers,arrangements,nauticalIf you are looking for additional ideas I have 2 boards on Pinterest that are about Nautical Weddings

Nautical Weddings

Nautical Weddings- Part 2

IB Designs, USA


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