Old Line Society ~ High Tide on the Harbor & Signal Flag Banner

A couple of months ago we were asked if we could make a signal flag banner to spell out ” Old Line Society “. They were hosting a event called ‘High Tide on the Harbor’ on Friday June 28th,2013. The Old Line Society is a nonprofit philanthropic organization catering to social and civically minded young professionals in the Baltimore area. To learn more about Old Line Society and what they do click here for more info.

Hoist your sails and drop anchor at the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore for a waterfront evening featuring live music and dancing, games and prizes, and of course, a top-shelf premium open bar. All to benefit the Living Classrooms Foundation.

We make lots of banner but don’t always get to see them when they are hung. They loved the banner and said it was a real hit at the party. Used with their permission is just a few of the pictures that were taken that evening.

The first picture is the sign for the night.

old line society sign,nautical

The next picture shows our signal flag behind the band. They were a 8 pc band called DC Fusion

signal flag banner,band,dc fushion,nautical

Although she was clicking her fingers it looked like she was pointing at the banner. We put the text in for fun!

signal flags banner,band, nautical

Lastly at a presentation is Justin A. Batoff  & Jeremy A. Batoff

baltimore, nautical party,presnetation

IB Designs, USA


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