Nautical Wedding and Receptions- 2013

I have done various posts over the last 6 years on nautical weddings and receptions. Nautical is a popular theme for weddings. We have sold many banners over the years for couples that want to decorate with a nautical theme. If you are having a beach or outdoor wedding you could hang a signal flag banner that spell out both your first names or the last name. Also if you are getting married on a boat or yacht our signal flags could hang for decoration. The banner below is hung on a gazebo and spells ERIN AND VIN.

signal flag wedding banner

The next banner spells KERRY ♥ BRIAN

Although Hearts are not traditionally part of the signal flag family they do add a nice touch.  If you have lots or room to hang it could be 1 long banner or as shown below made into 3 banners as shown below.

name signal flags,wedding banner

Lastly a gazebo showcases both our Vertical and Horizontal Banners

Top Horizontal Banner spells; ALWAYS

Left Vertical Banner spells: HAVE

Right Vertical Banner spells: HOLD

nautical wedding banners

We can spell anything that you want and custom make a banner for your special day. A keepsake for years to come. Visit our website for more ideas.

IB Designs, USA


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