Entire Signal Flag Alphabet and Meanings of Each Letter

I am always showing various pictures of our fabric signal flags which are based on the US Navy. I thought I would include a picture that includes the Letter-Name-Meaning of each one. The US Navy site has a full picture

signal flag alphabet,meanings, navy

signal flag alphabet,meanings, navy

signal flag alphabet,meanings, navy

IB Designs, USA

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16 Comments on “Entire Signal Flag Alphabet and Meanings of Each Letter”

  1. Kathy,it’s a little small for me to re3ad and if I zoom it ,it’s too faded.I am sure you put a lot into it,too. You always do a good job.

  2. ibdesignsusa Says:

    I knew it was small but thought it was my eyes. I just edited and put new pics in that should work better. If you get a minute let me know if it’s better. Thanks!

  3. Elfie Morgan Says:

    Very interesting to see the meanings behind each flag. I think a lot of drivers on the roads these days, should have the D flag on their back window! LOL

  4. Wow! SO cool! Thanks for sharing this Kathy! :)

  5. Oh, yes, Kathy…this is fantastic. Thanks.

  6. Elfie, you’re right… That’s perfect!

  7. ibdesignsusa Says:

    Great and glad it’s better. Should trust my own eyes more :)

  8. ibdesignsusa Says:

    You are right, Elfie and think they should have the D flag…LOL

  9. Thay was great. Thanks!

  10. ibdesignsusa Says:

    Thanks Marcia!

  11. J. G. Says:

    Very interesting. My reader seems to be acting up and as a result I hadn’t realized you had so many new posts. :(

  12. ibdesignsusa Says:

    No problem and know how it is when things act up. I usually do 1 post a week.

  13. ibdesignsusa Says:

    Totally understand and with computers you just never know when they will act up. For the most part I post once a week :)

  14. The web site of the Peabody Essex Museum contains a page which illustrates several flag code systems, including some not shown here. One of those, Watson’s Holyhead to Liverpool Numeric Flags, interestingly enough, includes the same square Union Jack with a white border that appears in the British Navy code, and the British Navy code also uses the Preparatory flag from Popham’s code, as well as most of the same flags as the International Code of Signals, but assigned to different letters. One wonders if naval vessels keep around signal flags from multiple historical systems, leading to an avoidance of making up new flags from scratch.

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