Nautical Home Decor ~ Signal Flag Valances ~ Window Treatments

I love the idea that you can transform a room from ordinary to nautical with a curtain rod and signal flags. When we make the signal flags we make a wider casing so as to slide onto a standard 3/4″ (or less) curtain rod. With a 1/2″ space between each flag, you can typically hang 5 flags on a 44″ rod, or 9 flags on a 76″ rod. If you use a round, dowel- or tube-type rod, it must be 1/2″ or less in diameter. These types of rods also come in varying lengths. We can customize your casings, if you really need something with a wider rod sleeve, but the existing dimensions have a nice, proportionate look. Casings could go as wide as 2″ or more, if needed, just let us know.

The picture below shows some names as a example on curtain rods.

signal flag names,nautical,valances
2nd- DEVIN’S
Bottom- CALLIE

The next picture shows how you could put the signal flag in the middle of a bay window. You could then hang nautical theme curtains on each side of it.

signal flag valance,nautical room, window treatments

Lastly if you have a long window that has a center support for the curtain rod this close-up of our flags show how you can arrange it.

The center support is between the N and the T.

signal flag close-up,nautical,home decoration,costal

All flags are hand-crafted by us and use a high quality cotton.

For more details you can check out our Signal Flag Valance Page on our website.


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