Signal Flag Video of our Flags

I was looking on You Tube at a few of the signal flag videos they have on there. I discovered a video that I made a couple of years ago. It show close-up of some of our signal flags and thought I would share it today.



Currently we are really busy and our shipping time is 2-3 weeks due to the fact that we make each flag individually for each order. They are hand-crafted by us and the name of our company  IB Designs, USA. The positive is that since they are made in the USA they are durable and should last for a long time. We use Kona Cotton which is high-quality material.

You can machine wash our flags with cold water and tumble dry low. Since some of our flags use a little bit of steam-a-seam it is recommended not to use a dryer sheet in the dryer. Anything you can spell we can make! Signal flag Banners- Horizontal, Vertical and Valance


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