Nautical Accents for your Home Decor

Last week I did a post on my Dream Home which was inspired with lots of wonderful Nautical items. In this post I wanted to show off some Nautical Accents for your home. These will add a lot of style and warmth to any home. Perfect also for a home near the beach or wanting to bring the beach into your home.

Nautical Rope Lamp

nautical,rope lamp,decorating

Cleats for Curtain Tie-backs

tie back curtains,cleats,nautical,decor


Seaside Rug

seaside rug,nautical,compass,decoration, home

Nautical rope inspired tie-backs

nautical rope.monkey knots,curtains


Blue Seashell Side Table

seashell table,nautical decor,decorating



Most of these are on my Pinterest page- My Nautical Style if you wish to see more items for inspiration. Also check out our website if you are looking for fabric signal flags. You can customize a banner horizontal, vertical or a valance that can spell out names, sayings or anything that you want.

IB Designs, USA


8 thoughts on “Nautical Accents for your Home Decor

  1. If it’s any comfort I am making myself crazy too. I would love to have any of these items in my home. Good idea on him making the tiebacks when he does his rope work. Love that blue seashell table too!

  2. Heather Tavares

    I love the blue end table with seashell inlay on the front drawer. Can you tell me where it came from?

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