A Musical Tribute to the Pfaff Grand Quilter- A Great Comedy

Over the last few weeks I have been pulling my hair out!!!!

pulling hair out

We use invisible thread to make our flags. It works well most of the time but sure not lately. All you have to do is get lots of orders and it decides to have a temper tantrum. If it was a child we could put it in a corner for a time out. I love the Grandquilter one week and next hate it. No wait I love it but I hate it.

A major issue is that the invisible thread is only .004 monofilment. When it wants to work it will and when it doesn’t it sure lets you know. I have searched the internet for all kinds of helpful hints. My dream would be for the thread be just a little wider. But alas I think it’s a Impossible Dream.

I know it’s the tension but it sure felt good to write this post. Thank goodness we have a back-up machine for days like this. Maybe it will behave now. In the meantime if anyone has any helpful hints it would sure would be appreciated!


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