Beaches, Seashells and Signal Flags

As we get closer to Spring it has me thinking about how much I love the warmer temps. Thoughts of the beach and seashells are on my mind even though I don’t live near the water. I wanted to share some pictures as we wait for Spring to arrive. A good friend of mine Enchanted Seashells has a wonderful blog that is worth visiting.

The first banner spells out in signal flags: SEASHELLS

signal flags,banner.seashells,beach

Here are a few pictures I love!

Love the starfish!



Seashell Mantle spells Beach



Seaside Banner

Seaside signal flag banner

Vertical Signal Flag Banner that we make!

signal flags,banner,vertical

IB Designs, USA


8 thoughts on “Beaches, Seashells and Signal Flags

  1. Elfie Morgan

    All the beach scenes are awesome and so very inviting! It sure would be Heavenly to live near the beach. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks so much and was thinking of you when I came up with idea for a seashell post. Sure you can use it or I can email you the picture. Either way is fine. I know those pictures make me wish I was there šŸ™‚

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