Pfaff GrandQuilter Hobby 1200- History and Tips

It’s hard to believe that I have had my Pfaff GrandQuilter for almost 3 years now. With our business growing each year it sure gets a lot of use. We average 4-5 hours a day for 5 days a week.  The Pfaff GrandQuilter is a semi-industrial sewing machine designed for the home sewer and quilter and the “cottage industry” sewer and quilter. The following is a link to a PDF with FAQ about the GrandQuilter.It has quite a few helpful hints.

I took a couple of pictures of my sewing machine so you can see what it looks like. Since it’s a semi-industrial machine other than oiling regularly and cleaning there isn’t a lot of maintenance.It sure works great when going through multiple layers.

pfaff,grandquilter,sewing machine,

pfaff,grandquilter,sewing machine,

We use invisible thread for a lot of our sewing with the signal flags. One tip that we found that really works is when you go to fill the bobbin is to put your thread in a coffee cup behind the machine. Then thread it from there to fill your bobbin. By doing this it fills the bobbin evenly. Another thing is that since this Sulky polyester thread unwinds really fast stop just short of filling it and you will have less issues when sewing. It’s hard to see the thread in the picture since it’s clear but any cup similar in size to this one would work well.

sulky,invisible thread,cup,sewing

This Spring Pfaff will be celebrating 150 years in business. It’s pretty amazing the changes over the years especially when you consider the first machine was in 1862 . This link with pictures show what they machines looked liked.

I hope these tips help you. I sure love my machine and plan on using it for a good long time!

IB Designs, USA


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