Signal Flags Spells “I Love You”

If you’re looking for a way to say “I Love You” with nautical flags, you’ll love our new banner! It comes ready to hang, right out of the package, and includes the flags, all the rope, and a brass ring at the top. We think it’s great for nautical weddings and receptions, but you can use it for almost any occasion where you’d like to let someone special know how you feel. Below is a picture of the full banner.

love,signal flags,fabric,navy,maritime

This next picture shows a collage with close-ups of each flag. The yellow flag with the black circle is the letter “I.” The red and white squares make the letter “U.” While there isn’t any heart flag in the maritime code flag alphabet, we here at IB Designs thought it would be nice to have one. So we created one to mean “love.”

signal flags,navy,love, banner

For the moment, we don’t have a page on our site for this banner, but you can email or leave a comment and then we can take your order..


Lastly, just for fun, here’s a picture we put together in Paint Shop Pro.

rope,dock,dog,love,signal flags


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