Safe Haven Movie and IB Designs, USA Come Together

We are excited that our signal flags are going to be in a movie. Last May we were contacted to make 3 vertical signal flag banners all to spell IVANS for the movie, Safe Haven. We were told that they would be hung in the restaurant named ” IVANS ” in the movie where the main character works. I read the book of course and it’s a excellent book. Here is the Safe Haven Official Trailer:

Source: via Safe on Pinterest

Lastly they also have a Pinterest Boards if you would like to see more pictures-

The movie comes out on February 14th,2013 to theaters. We are looking forward to this since this will be the first time we are in the movies πŸ™‚

IB Designs, USA


16 thoughts on “Safe Haven Movie and IB Designs, USA Come Together

  1. That is so fantastic and a big THANK YOU for re-blogging this. First time someone has re-blogged a post and so glad that it’s you. Yes, we are planning on going the first weekend. What a dear friend you are β™₯

  2. PLEASE take lots of pix!!! I insist! I want you to post them here and on your biz site and on your Pinterest, etc. If you don’t already have plans to do so, I’ll write a news release and send it out to all your media contacts and some of mine, too. (I used to do PR/communications in another lifetime)

  3. I have been promoting it quite a bit on Facebook and Pinterest. As far as pics would be difficult in the movie theater. We do plan on buying the movie. One thing we wanted to be sure of is that our banners didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. They did assure us that they loved the banners. Great as far as you doing PR! Since we have been in business now for 7 years have learned a lot.

  4. Don’t have a Twitter account. Decided not too due to lack of time. Between making the flags and the other social sites stay pretty busy. Just sent you a regular email explaining a bit more.

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