My Nautical Boat Collection

Even though I don’t live near the ocean I have always loved boats. I started collecting small boats about 4 years ago and wanted to share my small collection here. I have picked them up at various thrift stores along the way. My apartment definitely has a nautical theme to it. Here they are in no particular order.

I crocheted the blue and white doily to represent the ocean with the brass boat in the center. Far right is my wooden boat!


This picture below is a few more. Love the ship in the bottle.

boats, glass bootle,nautical

The picture below is a close-up

wooden boat, nautical

Next is a Metal Boat that looks like Brass that I have hanging on the wall.

brass metal boat wall hanging

Lastly is another close-up of one of my boats

wood boat shelf

I plan on growing this collection as I go along. Although I got a late start collecting would like to make up for lost time. What is your favorite thing to collect?


2 thoughts on “My Nautical Boat Collection

  1. I love your boats! Thank you so much for sharing your collection. The heart shelf is especially cute to display the cute boat. What do I collect? Besides the obvious, I collect umm, I guess that’s all, unless you count clothes!:)

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