Nautical Boat or Beach Weddings Ideas

Since we make quite a few banners for nautical weddings and receptions I thought I would showcase some of my favorite pictures from my Nautical Wedding Board on Pinterest. If you are planning on a nautical wedding I hope some of these will give you ideas. In no particular order some of the pictures show table settings, outdoor nautical ideas and also some on boats.

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

As you can see there are so many choices for a Nautical Wedding or Reception. To view more you can check out my Pinterest page. To order a custom banner check out our website to spell out your name in signal flags.
IB Designs, USA

2 thoughts on “Nautical Boat or Beach Weddings Ideas

  1. I LOVE the cake and the book that says “be the one to guide me, but never hold me down” I really love that. How great that would be for a vow renewal ceremony! We are sorta thinking of planning one, and you have totally got me thinking! Do more of these posts, they are wonderful!

  2. Glad that you like that and I do too. It would be a great idea to have that saying for a renewal ceremony. Hadn’t thought of that. Congratulations on thinking about having one. That is wonderful.

    As far as doing other posts like this I sure plan on it. Figured out how to embed pictures from Pinterest to the blog and do plan on doing more like this since I have lots of pics on my Pinterest boards. Thanks so much!!

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