Go Navy Signal Flags

From time to time I love going to a Navy site called Eye on the Fleet which shares photos that have been released. Natuarlly I search for signal flags. Here is a interesting picture that has been released. Notice the size of the flags. Also their signal flags are made out of nylon which handles any kind of weather. Because the flags are hung on the flagpole or on a ship they need to be large to be able to see from afar.

navy signal flags flagpole military
120614-N-HW977-127 NORCO, Calif. (June 14, 2012) Lt. Cmdr. Rob Kuffel, left, Chief of Staff at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Corona Division, and Lt. William Schindele, assistant operations officer, raise signal flags to spell “Go Navy” during a Flag Day observance. Flag Day marks the approval of the stars-and-stripes design of the American flag by the Continental Congress in 1777. This year’s observance also commemorates the bicentennial of the War of 1812. (U.S. Navy photo by Greg Vojtko/Released)

You can see how big there flags are compared to ours. We scaled ours down so that they could be a home decoration. We also make ours out of Kona Cotton which drapes well when the casing is at the top and hanging downward. Our signal flags are 8″ x 8″ plus a casing at the top. Below is a picture of how our signal flags look hung on a fence. It also spells Go Navy.

go navy signal flag banner miltary

IB Designs, USA


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