Signal Flag Translator- How to use

Quite a number of people go to the signal flag translator to see what their fabric banners would like spelled out in signal flags before they order. has kindly allowed us to use their translator. The translator takes regular letters and turns them into signal flag.      Here is a screen capture of our page on our website.

signal flag translator ib designs usa
Below is a screen capture where I typed in the name LIAM.

marine way signal flag translator

The next picture is a screen capture showing what the flags look like.
liam signal flag translator name
Note the following:
The flags you see are oriented vertically. Their casing is to the left, with the flag “hanging” to the right.

Our flags are designed to hang horizontally, with the casing and rope at the top. They’re exactly the same patterns, just rotated 90-degrees clockwise.
(Tilt your head to the left and you’ll see.)

To see two or more words in a row, use a hyphen ( – ) between each word.

Below is a picture of a Vertical signal flag banner that spells LIAM as used in the example above.

vertical signal flag banner liam

Lastly a picture of IB Designs Signal Flag Alphabet.

IB Designs, USA signal flag alphabet

On almost any page on our website if you see the monkey fist knot and click on it you will go directly to our translator page.


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