Decorating your Home with Nautical Valances- Window Treatment

You can decorate any room whether it is the kitchen, living room, den or bedroom. Window Treatments and Valances can change how a room looks even if you are on a budget. Nautical decor can be beautiful. I thought I would show a few examples of how great they look.The first picture shows a kitchen with the Signal Flag Valance spelling NAUTICAL:

nautical window treatments valance kitchen

If you are looking to spell a name and then hang it in a child’s or teenagers room here is a picture spelling GRIFFIN as a example.

curtain valance home window treatment nautical

Lastly here is a picture of a signal flag valance that spells WELCOME

home bay window nautical valance

All of our signal flag valances easily slide over a standard curtain rod of 3/4 inch or less. If you rod is bigger than that you can email us for more details. We have done custom orders where the casing is bigger for larger rods. All are flags are made out of a high quality cotton that will last for years.

IB Designs, USA- Valance Page


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