Children’s Rooms Decor with Nautical Signal Flags

I love the fact that so many of our banners that our customer’s order spell out their child’s name in Signal Flags. They are so bright and colorful and add a coastal touch to a nautical bedroom. Each flag is 8 in x 8 in plus the casing. We offer them in Horizontal which is strung on a rope, Vertical that hangs on a ladder that we make and lastly Valances which slide over a curtain rod that is 3/4 in or less. Here are a couple of pictures.

Banner spells CRAIG

horizontal signal flag banner decor craig

Next is a banner that spells out NOAH

baby room signal flags noah

Lastly is a pic that spells MAX

vertical signa flag banner max

Visit our website for more creative ideas and to order at IB Designs, USA


5 thoughts on “Children’s Rooms Decor with Nautical Signal Flags

  1. Personalized Messages with Signal Flag Banners! Navy signal flags offered in message banners, nautical valances for window treatments, and vertical tapestry wall hangings. Also our BZ Banner which means “Well Done” in signal flags. You choose the name or words you want to hang as a home interior decoration. Hand-crafted for every order. Anything you can spell, we can make.

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