Vertical Signal Flag Banners for Home or Gifts

Our Vertical banners are quite popular especially first or last names. They are perfect when you don’t have a lot of space but want to decorate a room with nautical or coastal decor. Before shipping the banners below I took some pictures with my new camera to show them closer up. A ladder that would cover the full door, top to bottom, would have about 6 flags, although you could use 7 flags if the bottom can go almost right to the floor. The picture below is 5 flags hung on a long hanger over my door to give you an idea of scale.

nautical signal flag banner

We make all our flags from high quality Kona cotton, with some polyester-cotton areas. They’re “one sided,” in that the back of the flags have a white cotton lining. We don’t recommend using them in a saltwater ocean setting, but you’ll have no trouble hanging them outside on your front door. The only problem with salt water is that when it dries, it leaves a salt residue. Treat our flags as you would any linen fabric item.  Below is a picture showing the back of our flags. All flags are stamped as seen below with the corresponding letter.

signal flags d and a vertical banner nautical

You let us know the letters you want, and we’ll make the flags, build a ladder, and hang the flags. It’s all set to hang, right out of the package. We include a 1-inch brass ring at the top, but you can remove it or use something else if you’d like. It’s all put together using ordinary knots.

Lastly here is a picture of a banner spelling SWIM.

swim banner door nautical signal flags

For more information check out our Vertical page on IB Designs, USA


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