IB Designs, USA – The Bravo-Zulu Award

bz signal flags well done

The BZ Citation Means “Well Done” in Signal Flags

There are times and places where a person achieves something above and beyond the call of duty. In those instances, we want to make note of their accomplishment and award them a token of appreciation. You’ve likely received or attended a ceremony where someone was given a plaque, trophy or certificate of honor and recognition. In the Navy, this award often takes the shape of the Bravo-Zulu signal flag combination — the “B” and “Z” signal flags.

We offer the BZ award as a single-step item in our ordering process. Now you can give a Bravo-Zulu to someone you know who’s accomplished something worthy of note. Perhaps you know a naval cadet, or maybe someone else who’s graduating from school or college. Another great idea is to give this award banner to someone who previously was in the Navy, now working in a different field. Anyone who has demonstrated outstanding performance is a good candidate for the Bravo Zulu.

We make the B and Z flags using high quality, high thread-count cotton. They slide rungs of PVC tubing, and the ladder hangs from nylon braided rope using common overhand knots. The entire ladder is then hung with 1/4″ braided nylon rope, looped through a 1″ brass split ring. The flags can be dry-cleaned or washed using cool water and tumble-dry cycle. Below is a few pictures.nautical well done citation navyIB Designs,USA signal flag crest

Visit our BZ Signal Flag page on our website for further details.


2 thoughts on “IB Designs, USA – The Bravo-Zulu Award

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  2. The current International Code of Signals contains 40 different flags and pennants and the current NATO code a further 28, whereas a signal book of 1762 shows 26 in total of which only 20 are purely signal flags.

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