Decorating your Wedding-Reception-Parties-Nautical

If you are planning for a Nautical Wedding or Party our Navy Signal Flags can tie it all together. They add a colorful touch and also can spell anything that you want. Our horizontal banners can be tied to a gazebo, trees and almost anything. Whether you are planning to have your wedding or party at the park, your back yard or at a reception hall.

The first picture shows a park where the banner is tied to the railing. It spells ALWAYS.
signal flag banner wedding always
Next picture is a gazebo with a banner that spells PARTY.
party banner nautical outdoors navy
Lastly the picture below shows both our Horizontal and Vertical Signal Flags.

At top: Horizontal Banner spells ALWAYS
Left: Vertical spells HAVE
Right: Vertical spells HOLD
wedding nautical signal flag banners gazebo
Our flags are made out of high quality cotton. Due to the sun fading them in time and also rain we don’t recommend hanging them outside long-term. Decorate your special day with a keepsake that will last a long time. Customize it with your name and anything that is special to you.

IB Designs, USA


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