Graduation and Party Ideas -2012

It’s hard to believe that April is just around the corner. Graduations are a benchmark whether it’s High School or College. With graduations only a couple of months away it’s not too early to start thinking about planning the party. Spring tends to be a busy time for us with weddings and graduations. Here are some ideas to add a nautical theme to your party. The banners are also great for Military parties.

Below is a Graduation Banner and hung just below that is a Signal Flag Banner that spells GRADS. Another option would be the graduates name and would be a lasting keepsake since all our flags are made out of a high quality cotton fabric.

graduation banner 2012
If you have a fence around your yard you could easily hang a Party banner along with other decorations.

party banner signal flags graduations birthday

The next picture is our Signal Flag Alphabet where you can see what each flag looks like for each letter. On the sidebar here on the blog is the translator where you can type in a name as a example and see how your banner would look.

signal flag alphabet ib designs usa

Lastly is a picture and has Signal Flag Pennants. Each pennant represents a number. This picture shows the pennants spelling out 2012.

graduations 2012 signal flag pennantsIB Designs, USA


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