Life without a Computer-Not Easy

Until recently I never realized how much I use my computer. Last Thursday my computer went on the blink. The dreaded black screen. Turns out I need a new motherboard and the fans were about dead.

Running a online business we are really dependent on our machines. Luckily my boyfriends computer is still working and between the 2 of us are making it work. Since we make our own signal flags that part hasn’t really changed and we are able to do emails to our customers when we ship and also handling new orders.

I am writing this post with a used laptop that we were able to get and will be using it till next week when I get my main computer back. The laptop will also make a good back-up if heaven forbid this happens again.

I never realized how much I use the computer for our business. Here’s just a few:

1. Research for blog posts.

2 Catching up with the News.

3. Marketing out business with sites such as Facebook and Pinterest.

4. Reading some of my favorite blogs.

5. Also Data Entry for all our Orders.

In closing that saying “You don’t know what you have, till you lose it” certainly fits. Hard to believe how much time has changed and how lost you can feel without one.

IB Designs, USA


2 thoughts on “Life without a Computer-Not Easy

  1. I can totally relate. I picked up a virus a few weeks ago and I was without a computer for a few days.

    I heard a comedian today say that if he lost his phone he would not be able to call any of his family members. He said his wife’s cell number is 1#. lol.

    Hang in there! 🙂

  2. Thanks and will hang in there. Laughing and agreeing with the comedian and speed dialing makes it easy to forget the real number. Will get my computer back next week and this laptop is helping. Thanks for your comment.

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