Nautical Decorations for Any Room

Whether your home is old or new decorating it with a nautical style can be fun. Since our signal flag banners can spell anything that you like the possibilities are endless. I wanted to share a few examples. I love the picture below and can picture sitting there and looking out upon the water. The signal flag valance spells HOME.

valance nautical home decoration

If you don’t have a lot of space then the nautical vertical banner fits in nicely with a nautical or beach decor. As you can see in the picture the wallpaper has a nautical touch to it. Wall decals is another option with sailboats,anchors and nautical knots. The picture spells out RYAN.

nautical signal flag banner vertical name
Lastly this Horizontal signal flag banner spells out SPRINGTIME.

nautical beach room signal flags springtime banner

All our flags are made of high-quality cotton. They are machine washable in cold water and tumble dry low. Some of our flags have steam-a-seam and they suggest that you don’t use a dryer sheet.

All flags are 8in x 8in except the A and the B. They are 8in x 9in
(to the point). Also the casings depend on what you order.

Casing for Horizontal banners are 1 in
Casing for either Vertical or Valance is 1 5/16

IB Designs, USA


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