Decorating your Yard with Nautical Signal Flags- Parties

With March around the corner and the mild winter we have had my thoughts are turning towards Spring. There are endless ideas on how to decorate your front or back yard for all kinds of parties. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or a graduation party nautical signal flags make a festive touch. They are also great as gifts.

In the first picture you can tell a party is ready to start with all the smiley faces. The banner that is hanging spells PARTY in signal flags.
party birthday nautical signal flags

In the second picture is a DIY project.

  • First you would take 2 children’s buckets and fill them with sand.
  • Buy 2 dowel rods and caps at any hardward store. Push in the dowel into the sand and pack firmly.
  • Our horizontal signal flag banners come ready to hang right out of the package with a loop at each end. Simply put the loop around the cap and tighten the loop around the dowel cap.

One advantage to this is no matter what name you want spelled out you can always move the buckets closer or further apart. Below is a banner example and spells RILEY.
riley banner party decoration

Lasty if you have a treehouse in your back yard a vertical signal flag banner could hang from it as shown in the picture.
treehouse signal flag banner nautical
Since our signal flags are made out of high quality cotton it’s fine to hang them outside for short periods. We don’t recommend hanging them out for long extended periods due to the elements such as rain, snow, heavy winds and sun which fades fabric over time.

IB Designs, USA


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