What’s in a Name? Nautical Style

One thing that we really enjoy about our business is although there are some common names for the most part each banner can look so different. Depending on what your name is can really vary for each banner. Although we can make anything that you want in the 6 years we have been in business names to be the most popular. Names for the Bride & Groom are also popular. Here’s a few pictures showing example of just a few names.

signal flag banner vertical name

Here’s another Vertical banner with their Initials- RZA

signal flag nautical bedroom

Below is a Horizontal banner that spells CRAIG

nautical bunk bed signal flags

Lastly here is a Valance that spells JULIAN.

signal flag valance

As you can see each name can look totally different whether it’s your first or last name. Check out the Translator Page on our website to see how you name looks spelled out in signal flags.


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? Nautical Style

  1. Hi Marcia. Glad that you found it interesting. Originally signal flags were used to spell messages between ships about 300 years ago. It was silent so they could signal especially in times of war. I too love the bright colors. When the ships were out to sea they had to spot them from long distances and the bright colors helped. Thanks for you comment.

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