What Fabric our Signal Flags are made of- Kona Cotton

Since we have had some questions about our fabric thought I would do a post on the fabric that we use to make our flags. Quality is important to us and also to our customers. Kona Cotton has a high thread count of 600 x 600 and is considered a deluxe weight fabric. It has a high thread count giving it a thick meaty hand. A high quality cloth which is perfect for use in fine apparel and for home decorating. Kona Cotton is 100% cotton.

There are over 200 solid colors to choose from. Below is a picture of the 4 we use in addition to the white also. While all of our effort is made to represent each color accurately, all monitor settings are different so it may look different on your computer,

kona cotton fabric solids material

We have ordered fabric from Beverly’s online before and they are great to work with. They have the following on there website.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Robert Kaufman Fabrics has been a staple in the textile market for many years, coming from humble beginnings in early America New York, to working through such endeavors as the stock market crash of 1929; it’s safe to say that Robert Kaufman has earned a respectable place in the industry. It’s hard to believe that such an inventive quilting company came from such humble beginnings in plaids, seersucker’s, and other standard apparel materials. During the 1980’s, the quilting industry was bursting at the seams; Robert Kaufman has served the quilting community ever since. Robert Kaufman’s options are ever growing and are always striving to provide the best possible materials for its loyal customers. The following information is just some of what Robert Kaufman has to offer.

Kona Cotton Solids
Sometimes, it’s best to start with the basics. With Kona Cotton, you’re able to create any color pallet you might imagine, no matter how specific your vision may be. Kona Cotton Solids are unquestionable proof of Robert Kaufman’s dedication to the quilting community. With over 200 solid shades to choose from, those impossible to match hues seem to look a little more likely to find. And on top of how many colors are currently offered, Kona Cottons are constantly being added to, new colors arriving on a regular basis. So if you’re ever in need of that final match in any given sewing project, Kona Cotton Solids are here to provide it for you.

Each of our flags are also lined on the back with Batiste white fabric to add stability. The picture below shows the back of the B and the Z . This picture was taken before we started using invisible thread.

signal flags back

If you have any additional questions feel free to comment. IB Designs, USA


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