Signal Flags for Names-Weddings-Home Decor-Nursery

Our signal flags are great for many occasions. They can be used to spell out a message or a name. Some of our orders have been for wedding banners with the couples first names. Also messages like “Tie the Knot” or “Congratulations”. For couples Anniversary banners are also popular. Birthday Parties are also great.

The picture below shows several examples.

signal flags wedding reception names nursery home decor

On our bulletin board picture above

Top left picture spells “The Klein Inn” in Signal flags

Top right picture spells “Marie” on a valance

Middle left is our IB Designs,USA logo and name in signal flags

Bottom left picture spells “Ryan” on a Vertical ladder

Bottom Right picture spells “Kerry (heart) Brian for a wedding reception

For more ideas on some of the creative ways our customers have used our flag check out our

Testimonial page.

All flags are made with a high quality Kona Cotton fabric.



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