Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Canada

I love finding information about Signal Flags. Signal Hill in Newfoundland, Canada is such a place and quite beautiful. Would love to see it in person. The video below gives you a brief tour of what it looks like.

Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Canada

This national historic site from 1704 got its name because the arrival of ships was announced from there by a series of flags. Every city bus tour will make a stop at this important strategic military location. Cabot Tower was built at the summit in 1897. Inside is a museum that captures the story of Guglielmo Marconi, who received the first transatlantic wireless signal at this site in 1901. Re-enactments of 19th-century battles are presented here daily, every summer, by the Signal Hill Tattoo.

Reenactors at the Signal Hill Tattoo, in St John’s Newfoundland. The reenactors are dressed in the uniform of the Newfoundland Regiment c 1795 as seen below.

signal hill newfoundland canada signal flagsThis picture is from Wikimedia Commons

A Newfoundland regiment was first founded, to serve in the British Army, in 1795. It was disbanded and refounded several times under different names, including His Majesty’s Royal Newfoundland Regiment of Foot, The Royal Newfoundland Veterans Companies and, The Royal Newfoundland Companies. The regiment dates its origin to 1795, when Major Thomas Skinner of the Royal Engineers stationed in St. John’s at Fort Townshend, was ordered to raise a regiment.[1]

The regiment was significantly involved in the War of 1812. Soldiers of the regiment fought aboard ships as marines in battles of the Great Lakes, as infantry in Michigan, and in the battle to defend York (Toronto). It was largely distributed throughout the zone as attached sub-units and not as a formed battalion. It was disbanded in 1816. A monument depicting a toy soldier of the 1813 Royal Newfoundland Regiment standing over a fallen American toy soldier was unveiled in Toronto in November 2008…..more

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