Signal Flag Cartoons

I think that there is a bit of child in all of us. We thought it would be fun to put together some cartoons with signal flags. Through the magic of Paint Shop Pro (PSP) we added some signal flags. This is something you won’t see everyday.

The first picture is parade of ants carrying leaves plus our signal flags. They have a heavy load but they are managing it.

signal flag ant cartoon

Most of us remember “Lady and the Tramp” and this famous scene of them eatting spaghetti with our signal flags getting in the way. The banner spells LADY!
ladyandthetramp cartoon signal flags

Next comes Goofy and it looks like he wants to go fishing. Since I think he will be successful catching a fish I gave him a BZ banner which means “Well Done” in the Signal Flag world.
goofy fishing bz award banner

Lastly I loved the Chipmunks and you can see how glad they are to have a banner that spells HAPPY!
signal flag banner happy chipmunks
This post was fun to put together.

IB Designs, USA


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