Fall -Signal Flags- Midwest- Autumn

With the days getter shorter and the nights cooler you can tell that Fall is here. We took some pictures last year when the leaves were really great in Oct. in the town where I live Batavia,IL. It’s population is around 27,000 and has some great shopping. Below is a short synopis of our town:

“Batavia was founded in 1833, and is the oldest city in Kane County, Illinois, with a small portion in DuPage County. During the Industrial Revolution, Batavia became known as ‘The Windmill City’ for being the largest windmill producer of the time. Fermilab, a federal government-sponsored high-energy physics laboratory, where both the bottom quark and top quarks were first detected, is located here.”

Downtown they have a nice area they call Riverwalk. We took some photos to showcase our Signal flags as pictured below.

welcome signal flag banner IL
Welcome Banner

welcome home signal flag banner riverwalk

Lastly since this is the ‘The Windmill City’ here is a picture of the Windmill.

windmill batavia il

IB Designs, USA


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